As a smart phone owner, it is our responsibility to keep if free from any damage. That is the reason why it is necessary to get the best iphone 6 case to ensure its safety from drops. Aside from protecting our iphone from accidental drops, we also have to make sure that we protect the most delicate part of the iphone and that is the screen. In order to do so, we must get an iphone screen protector to somehow protect it from scratch. However, these screen protectors does not give us the guarantee of protecting our iphone screen from cracks because it still depends on how we handle it. To make your iphone last long, you have to protect it and handle it with care and you must also remember that it is your responsibility as an owner to keep it clean.

If you don’t want to hire professionals in cleaning your iphone, you must learn the basics in doing so.

In cleaning a delicate smart phone, you must use a soft and dry cloth specifically a microfiber cloth. Other types of cloth may leave some residue on your iphone screen

Do not use water or other types of solution in cleaning your iphone; you must purchase a solution that is intended in cleaning iphone screens. You have to remember that you should not spray the solution directly into the phone but you must spray it into the cloth and make sure that you squeeze it before using to remove the excess moisture.


Before wiping off the dirt, you should turn the phone off and remove the cables attached to it as well as the casing to ensure that you will reach cleaning the edges.

Do not use the dampened microfiber cloth in cleaning the ports as this can cause permanent damage to your phone.


Cleaning the iphone itself can be a bit tricky but when it comes to cleaning the case, it is much easier. You can use any types of solutions in cleaning the case like baking soda or dishwashing liquid.

You don’t have to spend too much time in cleaning an iphone casing as you can just soak it overnight with the cleaning solution and you can just brush off the dirt in the morning.


These tips mentioned above may sound simple but it’s much more complicated when you do it on your own. Always handle your valuables with utmost care so that it will last for a long time.





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